Reed Gratz ~ Professor, Pianist, Composer

Reed Gratz ~ pianist/keyboardist/composer/professor

Concert Flyers


Reed Gratz Band

Spring 2006



Wednesday, March 8, 8pm

Claremont McKenna College

Mary Pickford Auditorium

500 E. 9th St.

Claremont, California


Thursday, March 9, 8pm

University of La Verne

Founders Auditorium

1950 Third St.

La Verne, California



Reed Gratz, piano/compositions

Matthew Von Doran, guitar

Andrew Ford, bass

Steven Biondo, steel pan/percussion

Michael Bennett, drums



Show Me Some ID

Crescent Bay

View From the South

Mr. Mike

Blue Ring



When It Goes Past Noon

Yo Quiero el Pulpito


Reed Gratz cds are available for purchase after the concert and at




The Fulbrighters’ Newsletter~Winter 2004


Reed Gratz (Austria 1991-92,

The Netherlands 2001) performed a

solo piano recital at the home of the

U.S. ambassador to The Netherlands

on the occasion of a dinner for the

Queen’s Provincial Commissioners.

Dr. Gratz was introduced by the

ambassador and given the

opportunity to discuss the importance

of the Fulbright program and share a

few of his Fulbright experiences with

the audience. At the time, Dr. Gratz

was on a Fulbright distinguished

chairs program grant as the 2001

Walt Whitman distinguished chair of

American culture studies at Leiden

University teaching classes in

American music and jazz history.